Spring Shoes: Ankle Straps Obsession!

As you can all read from the title, this post is all about the ankle strap trend that has been raging through a bunch of shoe designs. I personally have been obsessed with this trend since last year, and I think it just makes any shoe look so more pretty! Pretty much throw on an ankle strap, and I am sold! I am currently lusting over a few more pairs of ankle strap heels.

(1. Steve Madden OPTICALL, 2. Zara HIGH HEEL SANDAL WITH BUCKLES, 3. MANGO Fetish Sandals, 4. KORS Michael Kors Atherton, 5. Heart and Soul TEIRO)

As you all can tell, I really like platform pumps and the strappy sandal style with the ankle straps. I am also always on the lookout for flat sandals now because I know in the summer I will be doing a lot of walking during my travels. However, I am super picky about those and I just don't think thong sandals look good on my feet, but I digress. I am very tempted to purchase the first pair of Steve Maddens for my Vegas trip this upcoming June!

Now for the shoes I actually purchased in the past couple of months...

The first pair from Zara is to die for! I love them so much. If any of you follow fashion bloggers, these have been seen everywhere! They also come in 3 other color blocked shades on the Zara website. If money grew on trees I would have definitely purchased them too, but I wanted them to be timeless so I opted for the black. I swear they make your legs look amazing!

The second pair is from ShoeMint, and it is a bright fun teal color. I don't have any fun colored shoes just because I usually opt for neutrals. I just feel like with neutrals you get more of your money's worth because you can wear them with everything. However, I really loved the color on these, and they looked perfect for the warmer weather, so I decided to pull the plug and purchase them. I think these will look great with a nice summer dress!

Last but not least are these beautiful Sam Edelman sandals. I love these because they kind of remind me of the Zara heels. They have a modest 2 inch wedge in the back so they still give you a bit of a lift without being overbearing. I adore the gold detailing on the ankle strap, and they just literally look good with a lot of things. Even my mom, who thinks my shoe taste is a little bit too much for her, wanted to borrow them when she saw them.

Overall, I am super happy about my purchases, and I can't wait to sport these for the upcoming season!

I know ankle straps aren't for everyone because for some they cut off the leg line, but for me, I think as long as you find a right style, anyone can sport it! What do you all think about ankle straps?

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