Zoya 3 Free Nail Polish Promo 2013

For all you avid nail polish lovers, I'm sure you all heard about the Zoya promotion last month where you could get three polishes for free. All you had to do was pay for shipping. They have this promotion every now and then, and I always participate because it's such an amazing steal. This time was no different even though I have been on a nail polish no-buy for a long time. To be honest, I have way too many polishes stored away and quite frankly, I will never get through all of it. Nevertheless, I chose 3 shades that I thought would be great for the upcoming season.

Zoya (Left To Right): Dita, Zuza, Lo

I picked two bright creme pinks, because I have been on the hunt for the perfect shade of pink for my toes. Last spring/summer, I was all about bright corals and oranges, but this year I think I want to opt for a pink shade. As for Zuza, I just couldn't pass it up when I saw it. I'm a sucker for turquoise nail polish shades, and most of the ones I have are creme finishes. This one will be a great addition to my collection.

Did you guys participate in the Zoya promotion? If you did, I would love to know what you guys got.


  1. So pretty<3 I love Lo~ it's the perfect bubble gum pink<3

    I didn't get to this year T__T Oh well~


    1. I agree! Lo is a very bright color :)

      Zoya always has great promotions. I'm sure they will have something tempting soon!

  2. ohhhh so pretty i love "Lo" it's so pretty the perfect barbie pink and i love the "Zuza" too that would be so cute worn together!!

    1. Ah! Great idea. I didn't even think of wearing them together. I should try that. :D

  3. Replies
    1. Can't wait to wear it next for my mani :)